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Welsh Congregation of New York City
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Tachwedd/November 2015

Dear Friends and Members of our Eglwys y Cymry Community,

As we approach the holidays and holy days at the end of the year and our final service of 2015 on December 13th, we are also marking the end of a chapter in the history of Eglwys y Cymru Efrog Newydd.  Dr. Philip Newell will be blessing us as pastor for the last time and to celebrate his retirement and extend a heartfelt thank you we invite you all to raise a glass at a special Te Bach/Christmas Party and singalong directly after the service.  You are very welcome to bring festive treats for the occasion.

The coming of a new year often brings with it anticipation, trepidation, aspiration and the hope that we may go gently into the unknown of the coming 12 months.  For us as a spiritual community, we know that this year will bring us a new pastor to teach, comfort and guide us through the moments of uncertainty we all face individually and in our various collective groups and worlds.

Those of you who were with us this past Sunday enjoyed an uplifting sermon from our first guest pastor, Rev Sarah McCaslin, a remarkable young woman who is both an ordained Presbyterian Minister and a Licensed Social Worker.  She is also the organizing pastor of the Waffle Church, an all-ages ecumenical service in Brooklyn based on the early Christian tradition of combining worship with food.

For our January 10th service we have invited Marcel Welty to be our guest preacher.  Marcel as you may or may not know, runs our nycwelsh.org website and is an ordained minister.  We welcome him and are looking forward to getting to know him in a less tech-oriented and more spiritual capacity.

Also in January we are initiating the first annual Great Welsh Cake Bake-off Contest (Cystadleuaeth Pice ar y Maen Pobi Mawr).   We hope you will hone your baking skills and get creative with our beloved tea cake. Choose to compete in the traditional or modern categories. The contest will take place after the service, so bring your ready baked entries with you. If you would like to enter please let me or one of the Council know at the Christmas party or by email.

Mary Nelson, our wonderful organist, is rehearsing the Christmas choir and has a terrific program for the new  year.  Don Farrow, our chief entertainment officer, will again be putting us through our paces at the February 14th reading of Under Milk Wood. March as we all know is Gwyl Dewi and our traditional dinner will be on the 13th. And April 10th is our Cymanfa Ganu.  So please mark your calendars and prepare as always to be of good voice and good cheer.

Linked from this letter you will find the Yearly Pledge form. Your pledges allow us to continue our programs and events which help knit us together as a group and keep our unique heritage, culture and beautiful language strong.  You will also have the opportunity to donate to the Poinsettia Fund to cover the costs of decorating the sanctuary for our Christmas worship and to remember our loved ones. Please give as generously as you are able.

Thank you for your support, your friendship and your commitment to the Welsh Congregation in New York. 

Pob bendith i chi i gyd.

Caroline von Reitzenztsein
President of the Church Council



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Ar gyfer yr ADFENT a’r NADOLIG

Special Advent Service
Sunday, December 13, 2015
3:00 PM


 The Sanctuary will be decorated with memorial poinsettias
and special music will be offered by our
Organist Mary Nelson and the Christmas Choir
Dr. Newell will Preach

Te Bach will include a Celebration for Dr. Newell
and best wishes for his Retirement
and continue into  Carol Singing
All are Welcome  


December Meeting of the WWC Print E-mail

7  I Williams  A Greco   N Demiray

The Women's Welsh Club will hold our special Christmas party

on Saturday, December 5th,

at Rutgers Presbyterian Church

The Christmas Viols, an early music quartet, will be returning by popular demand. 

The program will begin at 1:30 PM, followed by carol singing and our traditional Te Bach.

Croeso!  (Welcome!)

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Poinsettia Appeal

Take this opportunity to
Pledge to the

2015-2016 Poinsettia Appeal


 Donations support the
Welsh Congregation of New York City

and its efforts to promote
Welsh language, traditions and culture in
New York City

Click here to print a Pledge Form

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Children's Choir Print E-mail

The Welsh Congregation is joining with Rutgers Presbyterian Church in an exciting project: a children's choir launched as an after school program in September of 2014.

If you have children, grandchildren or friends with children, please tell all about it.

The plan is that the choir will include Welsh music in their repertoire (choir director Mary Nelson has already chosen a Welsh favorite, "The Prayer of Eli Jenkins.") 

 The choir will sing a couple of times during the year during services at Rutgers Church and also, for our Welsh Congregation. Hopefully, as the choir grows, the Children's Choir will perform at festivals and (who knows?) maybe, even make it over to Wales! 

Here is the link to full the information on the Rutgers Church website: Anouncing the New York West Side Children and Youth Choirs.

Croeso! Print E-mail

Dewch i ymuno a ni, Eglwys y Cymry Efrog Newydd, ac estynwn gwahoddiad cynnes a chatrefol i’r Cymry a phawb sydd a diddordeb yn ein gwlad ac yn ein ddiwylliant. Unwaith pob mis cynhelir cyfarfod yn Eglwys RUTGERS, ar orllewin Manhattan i addoli, i ganu ac i gysylltu.

Mae ein hoedfaon yn dwyiethog peidiwch ag ofni os nad yw eich Cymraeg yn berfaith.

Arweinir y gwasanaeth gan ein bugail doniol Dr Philip Newell sy’n pregethu yn Seisnig. Darllenir o’r ysgrythur gan siaradwyr Cymraeg. Rydym yn dra ddiolchgar i gael Mary Nelson, un o gerddorwyr mwya telentog y ddinas fel Arweinydd y Gan.

Heblaw oedfaon misol, rydym yn cynnal oedfaon arbennig ar gyfer y Nadolig, Dydd Gwyl Dewi gyda cinio arbennig o oen wedi rostio a cennin; hefyd Cymanfa Ganu blynydddol gyda Cor Cymraeg Rehoboth.

Mae Te Bach ar ol pob oedfa - Dewch a fe gewch croeso cynnes a ddiffuant a cyfle i adnabod ein cymdeithas. 

Colloquial Welsh translation of the Bible Print E-mail

A Bible in colloquial Welsh is newly available. Browse to www.beibl.net to give it a try. 

Church Council Members Print E-mail


2015-16 Church Council 
Chris Evans, Donald Farrow, Simon Owen-Williams, David Morgan, William Parry, Caroline von Reitzenstein (President)James W. Thomas (Vice President), Margaret Williamson (Treasurer), Rev. Philip Newell (Pastor, ex-officio)


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