Welsh Congregation of New York City


Come, visit us - we are the Welsh Congregation of New York City, and we invite all, the Welsh and all those who are interested in our country and our culture. Once a month we gather at Rutgers Presbyterian Church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for worship, song and socializing.

Our services are held in both languages, so don’t worry if you are not a Welsh speaker.

Worship is led by Dr. Philip Rutherford Newell, who delivers his inspiring sermons in English. Welsh speakers give readings and lead in song. We are lucky enough to have David Enlow, one of New York’s most gifted organists as our Director of Music, providing joyful music.

We organize annual events including a Christmas Service of Carols, the St. David’s Day Service followed by a celebratory Roast Lamb and Leeks Dinner and a Cymanfa Ganu – our traditional Festival of Song with The Rehoboth Welsh Choir. After services, we all enjoy Te Bach (A traditional Welsh afternoon tea party), which is also an opportunity to socialize and learn about what is going on in the community. Please come join us, a sincere warm welcome awaits you.


Dewch i ymuno a ni, Eglwys y Cymry Efrog Newydd, ac estynwn gwahoddiad cynnes a chatrefol i’r Cymry a phawb sydd a diddordeb yn ein gwlad ac yn ein ddiwylliant. Unwaith pob mis cynhelir cyfarfod yn Eglwys RUTGERS, ar orllewin Manhattan i addoli, i ganu ac i gysylltu.

Mae ein hoedfaon yn dwyiethog peidiwch ag ofni os nad yw eich Cymraeg yn berfaith.

Arweinir y gwasanaeth gan ein bugail doniol Dr Philip Newell sy’n pregethu yn Seisnig. Darllenir o’r ysgrythur gan siaradwyr Cymraeg. Rydym yn dra ddiolchgar i gael David Enlow, un o gerddorwyr mwya telentog y ddinas fel Arweinydd y Gan.

Heblaw oedfaon misol, rydym yn cynnal oedfaon arbennig ar gyfer y Nadolig, Dydd Gwyl Dewi gyda cinio arbennig o oen wedi rostio a cennin; hefyd Cymanfa Ganu blynydddol gyda Cor Cymraeg Rehoboth.

Mae Te Bach ar ol pob oedfa - Dewch a fe gewch croeso cynnes a ddiffuant a cyfle i adnabod ein cymdeithas.  

Community Reading of Under Milk Wood, February 8th Print E-mail

We're doing Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood again! 

After last year's very successful and popular reading of Under Milk Wood by members of the congregation and friends we're repeating the experience after the Sunday, 8th February 2015 worship service, upstairs of the sanctuary at Rutgers Church.

Many of the same actors will participate again this year, but we are changing the parts, so if you participated last year you'll be reading something different this year.

As with last year, the aim of the reading is to have as many members of the congregation, and their friends taking part: it being less of a performance but more of a group experience in the way that in Victorian times people would get together to read a Shakespearean play as a form of entertainment. With over 60 characters there will be plenty of parts for all, with all ages and abilities encouraged to participate in some way. 

There will be one or two optional rehearsals which will be held at Donald's apartment: dates and times to be arranged. Attending the rehearsals will not be a prerequisite for participating on February 8th.

Contact Don Farrow at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or at (646) 260-6390 if you want to participate. Casting will be by Friday 30th January.

Plan to be a part of a great experience!

Karl Jenkins to Perform Print E-mail

Friend of the Welsh Congregation

Karl Jenkins at Carnegie Hall

Karl Jenkins
brings three remarkable works to
New York's Carnegie Hall

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, January 19, 2015
7:00 pm

Second Sunday Services Print E-mail

Our next Service is
Sunday, February 8th


Welsh Congregation meets consistently on the second Sunday of every month at 3:00PM, excepting the summer months.

Church Details Print E-mail

Services are held at 3:00 PM on the 2nd Sunday of the month
(except during the summer break)

Worship is hosted at the Rutgers Church
236 West 73rd Street
(just west of Broadway),
New York City.

The church is a short walk from the
Seventh Avenue 72nd Street subway station


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